Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

i am the only person who makes videos



  1. Sophia Feeney

    Sophia Feeney

    13 tuntia sitten

    Who is guy and why do u Greet and fair well him in every video

  2. kuhkahroo


    13 tuntia sitten

    this hits hard after Adam's death :(

  3. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    13 tuntia sitten

    Why has no one brought up how the Canadian tire guy was in the movie complaining about pizza😂

  4. Cooky


    13 tuntia sitten

    I just wish you included apple tv, idk a lot about their tv shows but I really enjoyed watching defending Jacob.

  5. Olivia C.S.

    Olivia C.S.

    13 tuntia sitten

    This is insane 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Matthew Ashley

    Matthew Ashley

    13 tuntia sitten

    They do have live sports, you just have to pay more for it

  7. The Table Of Legend

    The Table Of Legend

    13 tuntia sitten

    “11 bedroom, 11 bath” What I want to know is *who needs this many bedrooms* Like, unless you have 8+ kids, what are you doing with 11 rooms???? Sure, you may want guest rooms, but how many people are you having over. I feel like you can easily get away with 2 guest rooms maybe even 3 if you really wanna be covered. Plus that’s 11 bedroom alongside probably a few other rooms, like kitchen(s) and living room(a) and dining room(s). They also have a gym! I just honestly can’t even imagine needing or wanting that much space lol, at least inside a house. I feel like you could cut back on the size of the house, and have a bigger pool/pool area or a really nice yard and grill area and patio.

  8. tyler shuford

    tyler shuford

    13 tuntia sitten

    Gettin big John mulaney vibes

  9. Cindy Moore

    Cindy Moore

    13 tuntia sitten

    tinyurl.com/girlsxxxxikln 🆂🅴🆇 🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴 🅽🆄🅳🅴 👌 ! 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした. 💋 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成%員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。, 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙 山核桃和豆科灌木 !

  10. Evie's_Mommy_84


    13 tuntia sitten

    Only thing missing from their reenactments was......gum.

  11. A W

    A W

    13 tuntia sitten

    I don't play video games but this was hilarious

  12. YouTubeUser


    13 tuntia sitten

    The Pointer Brothers from Tim Robinson's The Characters is the best sketch of the past 10 years at least.

  13. Verified Creator

    Verified Creator

    13 tuntia sitten

    It’s been almost 3 years I’ve probably watched this video around 5 or 10 times and I still ant figure out what Drew says at the very end

  14. 0izysss


    14 tuntia sitten

    I’d like to publicly admit I’ve watched this video about 30 times



    14 tuntia sitten

    Netflix actually listened to Drews suggestion of them picking for your with the “ Play Something “ feature.

  16. Chris Yu

    Chris Yu

    14 tuntia sitten

    I use the verb "my parents don't want to pay for extra service charges so they go pick up the food instead"

  17. Roobs


    14 tuntia sitten

    sometimes you just gotta look at the opulence of the elite and just be agape at the difference in lifestyle when you got basically unlimited cash

  18. sixseats


    14 tuntia sitten

    where is Search Party on HBO Max???

  19. Rayne Michelle

    Rayne Michelle

    14 tuntia sitten

    5:21 Wow, a Juno email account. I had one of those in 1996. I have had 4 personal email accounts over the past 25 years. One with juno.com, then hotmail.com, then riseup.net, and finally gmail.com.

  20. Brooke Dresbach

    Brooke Dresbach

    14 tuntia sitten

    pen15 isn't talked about enough and I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves

  21. Roma The RGG

    Roma The RGG

    14 tuntia sitten

    Drew: "This feels like finding out Mickey Mouse, is actually a giant pervert." Me: That explains the close-up in the little kid's bedroom window.

  22. Anthony Michael Hall

    Anthony Michael Hall

    14 tuntia sitten

    “Bump Ass” Insult 100

  23. Kiley Leroy

    Kiley Leroy

    14 tuntia sitten

    Drew when did we start hating shark boy and lava girl??

  24. Alex SM

    Alex SM

    14 tuntia sitten

    I've had mushroom trips that scared me less

  25. Edwin Gonzalez

    Edwin Gonzalez

    14 tuntia sitten

    They should have banned meme pages and give them a personal app

  26. Anisa Mincy

    Anisa Mincy

    14 tuntia sitten

    Since Drew didn't do Amazon Prime I'll do it: Best shows- Invincible, Carnival Row, The Boys Worst Shows- Crisis in Six Scenes

  27. Andre Senecal

    Andre Senecal

    14 tuntia sitten

    what's poppin logang

  28. Conor Meehan

    Conor Meehan

    14 tuntia sitten

    Drew, guy, maybe your PS4 is so slow is because you have 200gb of clips

  29. Saturn Fisher

    Saturn Fisher

    14 tuntia sitten

    Sense8 was the best Nextflix original I’ve ever seen

  30. Roma The RGG

    Roma The RGG

    14 tuntia sitten

    My Friend... Ohh my dear, white friend... Have you seen "The Wendy Williams show?"

  31. Conor Meehan

    Conor Meehan

    14 tuntia sitten

    This video came out NINE MONTHS ago??



    14 tuntia sitten

    i just think he's high on cocaine all the time :D

  33. Eliot Harrell

    Eliot Harrell

    14 tuntia sitten

    Damn space force was a banger imo

  34. KeroScene


    14 tuntia sitten

    I keep on thinking that the giraffe kitchen room is a strange dream I had when I was 8 and I just rewatched this video and I'm so fucking confused. I thoroughly convinced myself that I came up with that 5 years ago like how does that even happen

  35. Eliot Harrell

    Eliot Harrell

    14 tuntia sitten

    Damn come on really gonna leave the expanse or the boys hangin on Amazon

  36. Alex SM

    Alex SM

    14 tuntia sitten

    I liked just for the salt for dinner thing. Nicely done. Hope you're proud.

  37. WyspButYoutube


    14 tuntia sitten

    "I wish you a wonderful 2020, please dont get sick" *who's gonna tell him*

  38. Levi Gurley

    Levi Gurley

    14 tuntia sitten


  39. CaseyPlayz


    14 tuntia sitten

    It's gone now.

  40. Mega Furry

    Mega Furry

    14 tuntia sitten

    When Danny was reacting to the life hacks I genuinely thought it was drew

  41. Poertfern Cabonvey

    Poertfern Cabonvey

    14 tuntia sitten

    Why stank hammer not squish???????

  42. Actually Imaginary

    Actually Imaginary

    14 tuntia sitten

    "Let's not change the variables.." *changes all the variables*

  43. Cunty McCunt

    Cunty McCunt

    14 tuntia sitten

    How TF did you miss “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Drew?? HOW???

  44. Chase Parrell

    Chase Parrell

    15 tuntia sitten

    Macgruber is a Gem!

  45. Roma The RGG

    Roma The RGG

    15 tuntia sitten

    Hey Bruh, Have you seen the... "The Oval" By Tyler Perry?

  46. lawless lizard

    lawless lizard

    15 tuntia sitten

    8:52 MAKE IT STOP

  47. Rayne Michelle

    Rayne Michelle

    15 tuntia sitten

    This show is as real as Jerry Springer

  48. Mars Mech

    Mars Mech

    15 tuntia sitten

    I've tried Ubereats 3 times and its never been a good experience and i just feel like I'm exploiting the drivers if i dont tip big. so all the sudden im paying 50$ for something that cost 12ish its just not worth it.

  49. Anthony Titone

    Anthony Titone

    15 tuntia sitten

    Ok fuck Amazon but as a fan of Bojack you gotta watch Undone it’s made Kate Purdue and Raphael Bob-Wacksburg and Rosa Salazar does a great job as the lead on top of the great story the whole thing is as much of a tech demo for modern rotoscoping as the original Toy Story is a tech demo for 3D animation

  50. McKayla


    15 tuntia sitten

    A couple years ago on my birthday my friend gave me sonic colors on the Wii but then I opened it and it was actually a kidz bop 25 CD

  51. cadainN


    15 tuntia sitten

    nightmare fuel

  52. Riley Gale

    Riley Gale

    15 tuntia sitten

    Prime video actually sucks ass, like they say they have all these shows then only have the licensing to show like one season, then you also have to pay again in order to have access to channels on prime only to be left with barely any seasons, waste of money tbh

  53. Daniel Tillotson

    Daniel Tillotson

    15 tuntia sitten

    How could you miss HBO's Chernobyl??? Absolute 11/10

  54. SquiggJigg the Squigg

    SquiggJigg the Squigg

    15 tuntia sitten

    Hi Drew. I was wondering if you could make a video about the weird Fast and Furious cartoon. It’s just super weird.

  55. Julia Reis

    Julia Reis

    15 tuntia sitten

    my favorite show on hbo max has to be infinity train; it’s a short animated series, each season (also called books) being only 10 episodes long, 11 minutes each. however, every book feels complete, the pacing is amazing, the animation is spectacular, and the story is incredible; its 4th and last season (due to not being renewed unfortunately) just launched and it’s just so good, whoever is reading this please please give it a shot

  56. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom

    15 tuntia sitten

    And the cars and cool stuff to

  57. Ginda Music

    Ginda Music

    15 tuntia sitten

    What if you and the successful Drew Gooden did a video called Drew Swap where you become a basketball player, and he would become a disappointment. Amanda might actually be happy with a Drew Gooden. Would be insane guy.

  58. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat

    15 tuntia sitten

    God damn you look similiar to danny

  59. Bastian bezon

    Bastian bezon

    15 tuntia sitten

    Always the skinny dudes hating on macho men!

    • Sup Boi

      Sup Boi

      13 tuntia sitten

      Macho men find Vin weird too.

  60. Bastian bezon

    Bastian bezon

    15 tuntia sitten

    can we just stop setting unreachable standards for social behavior? If the guy is acting weird in your opinion, how is that affecting you? Mind your business 120 lb weirdo

  61. Jason Poggers

    Jason Poggers

    15 tuntia sitten

    ah yes... when no way means "omg" in spainish

  62. Miles Malone ; Dokkan & Stuff

    Miles Malone ; Dokkan & Stuff

    15 tuntia sitten

    7:35 Taken straight from Family Guy

  63. onii_tw


    15 tuntia sitten

    hi, im drowning in sorrow 👉😎👉

  64. Felix CD

    Felix CD

    15 tuntia sitten

    I like your hair

  65. Bruh moment

    Bruh moment

    15 tuntia sitten

    pin me wuss

  66. Bastian bezon

    Bastian bezon

    15 tuntia sitten

    i like vin diesel even more after this. He's real lol!

  67. Yehia Mohamed

    Yehia Mohamed

    15 tuntia sitten

    "They have talent? I can't compete with that, I'm old." xD

  68. VegAndrei


    16 tuntia sitten

    13:23 did you just assume its gender? :O

  69. Tommy Sheehan

    Tommy Sheehan

    16 tuntia sitten

    Never forget that one time John Fogerty wrote a song that led to him being the songwriter both in defense and prosecution of a copyright case

  70. Bearajudah


    16 tuntia sitten

    Sly dismissal of Jesus Christ by Drew here

  71. potatopouf


    16 tuntia sitten


  72. Alystiel White

    Alystiel White

    16 tuntia sitten

    You really just had to add in those last clips from Bojack to make me sad, huh? DO YOU FEEL GOOD NOW, DREW!?

  73. Rayne Michelle

    Rayne Michelle

    16 tuntia sitten


  74. Lewis • 3 Years Ago

    Lewis • 3 Years Ago

    16 tuntia sitten

    Dark on netflix is a masterpiece

  75. jojo’s bizarre emo homestuck cosplayer weeb :P

    jojo’s bizarre emo homestuck cosplayer weeb :P

    16 tuntia sitten

    While watching this I got an ad for HBO Max

  76. Niki Redwine

    Niki Redwine

    16 tuntia sitten

    The best thing on Disney+ is the Simpsons!

  77. Emeraldog


    16 tuntia sitten

    "720p, censored, and constantly interrupted by commercials." *ad plays* you couldn't help yourself, could you?

  78. Gunnar Hanson

    Gunnar Hanson

    16 tuntia sitten

    I may not have an Amazon Prime account but I enjoy the idea of them having Grimm available. That pleases me.

  79. Steven Amollo

    Steven Amollo

    16 tuntia sitten

    This reminds me of a reference from TFS. Do you believe your own hype?? 😟 Vin Diesel : I AMM THE HYPE !! 😂

  80. Mostly Anthologies

    Mostly Anthologies

    16 tuntia sitten

    P.S. I watched Wandavision without seeing one single marvel movie and I loved it. I loved the nostalgia porn of it going tthrough the decades of tv - I think if they didn't do that, I wouldn't have watched it at all. TBH